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Sucuri Web Security

Stop Attacks Against Your Website!

Monitor and Clean Hacked Websites!

Web-site Security, Hacker Prevention & Recovery: In today’s world, hackers are targeting vulnerabilities in websites, plugins, and using them to infect others that visit your website, to publish their messages (on your website! or by sending unsolicited email from your website or webserver). For most, is not a matter of “if” your website will be compromised, but “when”.


We are now recommending that all websites should be protected by website specific firewall software and further that websites should be protected by specialized website antivirus and anti-malware software, just like every corporate computer should be protected.


We’ve partnered with Sucuri to offer our customers top notch security for their sites. Automated scanning of your website for malware/hacking activity, blacklisting, changes to your DNS, WHOIS records or SSL Certificate with monitoring and alerting to SGC of potential problems. The Sucuri Professional website firewall prevents malware distribution, blocks attacks, stops Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) attacks. Limit countries which can see or modify/post to your website. Block Phishing Lure pages, enable virtual patching with real time and Zero Day Patching. With one of our offerings, you will no longer have to worry about your site being compromised and your sensitive information stolen or unpredictable repair costs.


Click here for more information about our Sucuri offering.


Sucuri packages are available through SGC either as a standalone subscription or included with our SGC Hosting Plans.

Sucuri Stand Alone Package


  • Also available as a monthly subscription at $35/month
  • Malware scanning and cleanup within 12 Hours
  • Hacking activity and blacklist monitoring
  • DDoS advanced protection
  • Layer 7 PCI/SSL Compliance
  • Compatible with almost any Hosting Provider
  • Annual Backup
  • Retainer for pre-authorized actions
  • Access to flat fee Sucuri cleanups

Sucuri CloudProxy Website Firewall

The Website Firewall component of Sucuri is used to block hacks before they happen by hiding your hosting IP, monitoring traffic, stopping Distributed Denial of Services (DDOS) attacks, and preventing outdated scripts from being exploited by using “virtual patching”. The default level of protection also prevents SQL injections, cross site scripting, RFI, LFI, security scanners and a myriad of attacks from ever reaching your site. “Paranoid” mode will also put your site into lock down mode, preventing any POST requests.

Advanced protection options available include:

Restricting the Admin panel to only Whitelisted IP addresses. Enabling advanced evasion detection.
Adding additional security headers to your site. Blocking XMLRPC, Comments and Trackbacks
Stopping unfiltered HTML from being sent to your site. Enabling aggressive bot filter.
Enabling emergency DDoS protection. Enabling Advanced Intrusion Detection System
Blocking proxies and the top attack countries. Stopping upload of PHP or executable content to your site.


Geo Blocking Option: This option allows you to block access to your site from the countries selected. The viewing list is used to prevent anyone from that country from visiting (browsing) the site, while the other option, posting, allows them to view the content in read-only mode – but they won’t be able to login, register, buy or send any comments.

``Customer direct`` Sucuri portal access not possible – will be in SGC Portal and management is part of domain management fee if applicable, otherwise t&m. SGC Full Service Hosting plans do not require a retainer.

Basic install by SGC is included if implemented at the same time as a new hosting package is initiated (included in flat fee $99.95 setup) otherwise is $99.95. (Flat fee excludes non-standard setups, where website adjustments are required, where undocumented or not readily accessible DNS access or passwords not available.)
As retainer $30/mo

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