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Simplified Communication for Small to Midsized Enterprises & Businesses

Positron G-124 & G-124V Hybrid PBX

This phone system combines all the requirements necessary to meet the communication needs of today’s demanding enterprises. This unified messaging system supports both VoIP (SIP) and traditional telephone lines (up to 4) seamlessly, video calling through the PBX (on the V model), monitoring tools and automatic configuration of any VoIP phone. Positron Telecom’s IP PBX phone system grows with a business, without worries of outgrowing it (Expandable USB storage, to 60 users (+higher models available).This IP PBX phone system is easy to install, affordable and reliable. It offers compelling features such as: voicemail to email conversion, integrated audio (and/or video) conference rooms, support for traditional music on hold, paging systems, find me/follow me.

G124 starts at under $2000 – More Info
G124V (Video Conferencing Model) starts at $3000 – More Info

On Premises SIP Only (with analogue expansion options to make it hybrid)

This enterprise class “budget” solution starts at under $1,000, supports up to 64 users, can store up to 200 hours voicemail on solid state drive.

Features include all standard extension features such as transfer, hold, etc. Voice mail to email, Find me/Follow Me, auto-attendant, ACD Queues, Conference Bridge, Musing on Hold, Commercial on Hold, Paging, Call Park, Inbound Fax to PDF, Operator Panel & Call recording.

Includes Codec for soft phones and SIP client on smart phones.

Network Infrastructure to Support VOIP from PBX to Handset

Our recommended solution design always features a robust business class network smart / managed “switch” (normally a market leading Cisco SMB switch which can virtually separate the VOICE network traffic from the DATA traffic between the PBX and the IP Handsets that  give priority to VOICE traffic (QoS = Quality of Service)), provide “Power over Ethernet”, security, and other QoS features that prioritize delay-sensitive services such as voice and video, simplify unified communications deployments, and help ensure consistent network performance for all services over 1 wire to the desktop.

We supply IP phones (“in house” VOIP – desktop to PBX) that suit your budget and desired quality and features such as gigabit pass-through, omni-coverage with autofocusing microphones for boardrooms, or are wireless.

We typically supply proven models from vendors like Positron, Yealink, Polycom, Cisco (authorized partner), Jabra (authorized reseller), & Fanvil as well as paging solutions (analogue or IP) from leading providers such as Bogen & Cyberdata.

With IP ready PBX’s like the PBX’s listed above, your business can now take advantage of SIP Trunking solutions.

SIP Trunking is an innovative IP voice solution which provides businesses like yours with customized next generation voice services. By replacing/augmenting your costly PRIs and traditional analog lines, SIP Trunking simplifies your company’s telephony infrastructure and saves you money!

  • Manage the same call capacity with fewer lines (or “channels”)
  • Enjoy Capacity On Demand: accommodate any call volume by only paying for what you need, when you need it
  • Create a local presence and eliminate long distance charges by selecting local phone numbers in over 1000 cities across Canada

In all cases, our recommended solution includes either a dedicated circuit for VOICE traffic (typically our  Internet Service) or a Cisco Meraki router in which we give priority to SIP trunking heading out to the internet, as well as “reserve”/dedicate a portion of your total available bandwidth to the SIP trunks. All Meraki routers also feature backup connectivity (either USB, or USB+WAN2). We offer fail-over 4G backup only internet solutions as well as full time redundant connections and load balancing.

We offer business quality solutions from 2 vendors for whom we are representatives.

Thinktel based ``Burstable to 10 lines`` SIP Trunk (with Backup Carriers)

Recommended if you have at least 1 MB capacity of “upload” that can be dedicated  to SIP Trunking

Flat Fee for Access to 10 Trunk “Circuit” + 100% pay per minute (usage): $44.00 billed Monthly

Usage at @ 1.2c/minute “local” /  3.5c per minute North America Long Distance.

Includes 911. With 1 published or unpublished pilot #.

Additional DID #’s: $4.00 each. Additional Porting Fees apply (if applicable).

100% Business continuity with Surecall: ThinkTel’s exclusive Surecall feature allows you to specify a call forwarding number.  Should your SIP trunk go down due to ISP outages, network issues, or problems with your on-site PBX, Surecall will be there to ensure your inbound calls still can be routed to an alternate.

SIP Trunks (SW Ontario based provider)

All offerings below include CallerID.

Standard Inclusive: Flat Fee Per Trunk $38.99/month including North America wide calling.

Premium Trunk: Fee + Usage: $14.99/month + preferred usage (per minute): Inbound calls: 1.2c, Outbound Canada Tier 1: 1.5c, Outbound Canada Tier 2 and US 2c.

Premium Features included: hunting (to another trunk or group for redundancy), failover (ensure calls answered regardless of internet connectivity), email alert if trunks disconnect, capability of “bursting” for up to 20% more than capacity purchased (so if you have a 10 trunk subscription, you can oversubscribe to 12).

Toll Free DID: $8.00 per month + 2.9c/minute.

Standard (Comparable to Bell analogue line model but a SIP Trunk): $19.99/mo. Local calling (in and out) free. “Long Distance” Canada Tier 1: 1.6c, Outbound Canada Tier 2 and US 2c.

Includes Failover service.

Some businesses don’t wish to invest in or maintain a local hardware PBX.

Where there is sufficient internet bandwidth available, this pay as you go / hosted PBX as a service may be the perfect solution for your business.

We are authorized dealers for a SW Ontario Hosted PBX Provider that offers top quality service, and has redundant data centers, all located in our region, so latency will be low and calls won’t be being routed through “for example” California call centers like some other Hosted PBX providers do.

You will need (and we will design / advise / supply as necessary):

  • A sufficient internet connection at each location or for each device that will use the Hosted PBX (depends on number of extensions per site).
  • A router such as our Cisco Meraki offering to do traffic shaping (& fail-over/redundant capable) to maintain quality of service for VOIP (typically provided on monthly payments as well).
  • Sufficient internal Network Infrastructure (switch(es)) to Support VOIP from PBX to Handset (typically also included with the router purchase/monthly payments)

You pay a monthly extension fee (which always includes “access” – i.e. each extension user can be on a call at the same time), only per minute usage fees apply on top of this (no inclusive flat fee per trunk offering with Hosted PBX).

Option 1 (Standard): “Bring”/Own your own extension (these could be IP phones you already own, or new ones you acquire from us as part of implementation). – $20 per month

Option 2 (Bundled): A basic IP extension / phone is included in the monthly fee (several options available). – $25 per month

+ preferred usage (per minute): Inbound calls: 1.2c, Outbound Canada Tier 1: 1.5c, Outbound Canada Tier 2 and US 2c.

+ Options:

  • Extra telephone #’s (DID) (existing or new). $5 per month
  • Toll Free # (‘s) $8/ month + usage at 2.9c/minute.
  • Extra voice mailboxes (guest), no telephone handset associated with it, voicemail to email included: $10 / month.
  • Emergency Failover 4G Internet (Rogers) Backup (Meraki Router Compatible) (device normally purchased or financed with router or rent $15/mo), pay if used only at $10/GB
  • If an additional number or different number is to be displayed as caller ID for outbound calls, an additional standard SIP trunk must be ordered to accommodate that