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On Premise Email Solutions

Owning and having your email solution on premise is still the preferred route for many organizations.

SGC offers the two leading on premise solutions including design, sales, installation, and ongoing maintenance for both including on and off-site backup, message continuity, advanced antispam and archiving solutions.

For information on hosted email services, see here.

Microsoft Exchange Server

SGC is a Microsoft Certified Partner with Silver level Infrastructure Competency with proven experience in this area.

Microsoft Exchange Server starts at $1595 (server and 5 users) + $120 per user + optional Software Assurance and has specific server environment requirements.

  • Work smarter, anywhere with business email on your own servers.
  • Get enterprise email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe.
  • Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxes
  • Do more, on any device
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Industry Standard: over 50% of the mailboxes worldwide run on Exchange Servers

MDaemon Email/Messaging Server for Windows is a trusted budget friendly Microsoft Exchange® alternative for SMB’s that doesn’t necessarily require dedicated Microsoft Servers yet has the enterprise features that most organizations demand.

  • Email Anywhere with WorldClient Webmail
  • Remote Administration
  • Secure Private Instant Messaging & Address Book Client
  • Exchange Migration, supports mailing lists
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook® (using Outlook Connector for Mdaemon)
  • Activesync for devices that need (using ActiveSync for Mdaemon)

Mdaemon Email Server starts at< $800 (server and 5 users) with 1 year software assurance and including 5 Outlook connectors and 5 ActiveSync licenses. More licenses results in significant discounting.   Additional users typically <$20 each (25 user realm), Outlook & Active Sync connectors (<$25 per in 10 user realm).

Many organizations find that a local mail archive solution meets their objectives for safety, security and compliance. SGC recommends, sells, installs and supports this product.

Archiving for email, files and calendars

GFI Archiver archives emails, files and calendar entries. Its File Archiving Assistant (FAA) enables you to share files between users and store them centrally and safely without relying on online storage providers.

Secure archiving for compliance

Minimize legal risk. Archive emails and files in their original state – in a central, tamper-proof store – to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.

Identify business issues

Your archive is an incredible source of business intelligence. Identify legal risks and manage productivity with reports that draw from the business-critical information in your archive.

Email and file history

Your users’ email history and old file versions are always available for quick retrieval via the GFI Archiver interface.

Reduce risk

Enjoy peace of mind that stored emails are genuine and tamper-free with message-auditing functionality.

Save money

Save on storage costs by keeping just one central copy of an email and its attachments. Minimize storage needs with email compression.

Advanced search features

Every message, attachment and file is automatically indexed before it is archived, enabling you to search and retrieve faster.

SGC Premium Antispam & Message Continuity

With the critical nature of timely email for most businesses – SGC believes that message continuity should be part of every businesses email strategy. While Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange Online already comes with world class redundancy and antispam features, most other (especially on premise) mail solutions have many risks and dependencies (utility power, computer, internet, bandwidth) and the deluge of undesirable email (spam) we believe is best dealt with outside of your premises and bandwidth.

ProofPoint Essentials

Cloud-based enterprise-class security for small and medium enterprises: email security, continuity, archiving, and social-media protection.

Small businesses get hit by the same advanced attacks that target large organizations. You need a security solution that is just as effective. Proofpoint Essentials packages security controls into a single interface. Get more security and less management overhead.

Enterprise Security for small and medium-sized businesses

Harness enterprise security technology and infrastructure, which are used by some of the world’s largest and most security conscious companies. Essentials blends our expert knowledge of today’s threats with a deep understanding of your needs as a smaller enterprise.

You get:

  • Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection
  • Dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments
  • Social media account protection
  • Policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention

Simple to Manage with Granular Control

ProofPoint’s cloud-based platform gives you the ultimate control and flexibility. You have no hardware or software to install; updates are automatic. By filtering mail before it even reaches your network, Essentials frees up administrative time, bandwidth, the drudgery of end-user filtering, and even disk space on servers.

We know time is valuable. That’s why Essentials provides unmatched technology without the management and deployment headaches. Administrators simply login to the online console and manage all users and account settings from a single, secure platform.

You get:

  • Accurate email classification
  • Content control for social-media accounts
  • Robust filter rules engine
  • Per-user controls and quarantine access

Business Continuity

You rely heavily on email to do business. You might manage a few minutes without email—but what about a few hours or a few days? Unfortunately, smaller enterprises can rarely justify the cost of building a highly redundant messaging infrastructure. Essentials continuity ensures that your critical email gets through at all times, even during a partial network failure.

Essentials provides:

  • 24×7 Emergency Inbox to provide users email access when the normal mail environment is unavailable
  • Instant Replay sends (or resends) messages to your messaging server for 30 days
  • Email spooling and failover

Secure Archiving

Stay secure using ProofPoint’s 10-year cloud archive. Essentials helps you manage your data, prevent leakage, and maintain easy access for discovery to achieve regulatory and legal compliance. And it does this while reducing costs and freeing you from storage limits.

The archiving feature can dramatically reduce the internal growth of Outlook PST files. Data for each account is stored separately from other users and secured with a unique encryption key.

You can:

  • Automatically preserve all emails and attachments
  • Manage, monitor and review all email content
  • Meet your legal and regulatory obligations
  • Get fully indexed, rapid search and e-discovery features standard

Roaring Penguin CanIt

SGC has partnered with Canada’s leading email filtering experts – Ottawa based Roaring Penguin to offer the following:

  • Effectively stops 98% of spam and email borne viruses (and ads, fraud schemes, porn, and phishing attempts) before they reach your network, while never discarding a valid message. Uses Bayesian filtering to automatically adapt to changes in the spammers’ tactics.
  • Keep a rolling 30 day archive of all your messages (in & out) which are accessible with a usable interface (including the ability to create new messages or respond to existing messages) even when access to your primary mail system is down.
  • Hosted infrastructure is housed in redundant data centers located in Ottawa & Montreal on separate power grids, and never leaves the country (unlike many other antispam and message continuity solutions).
  • Email anomaly detection: helps detect and fix back-end server and network problems.
  • Email Log indexing and searching: we can easily find what happened to an email.
  • E-mail administrators can set global, per-group or per-user policies and determine the level of interaction end-users have with the system.

Roaring Penguin’s core business is anti-spam, and it has been since year 2000 when it was founded.

Our Base subscription starts with Liaison/Cloudcare & Retainer at $10 / mo.

Pricing is dependent on volume and term/nature of relationship and starts at

Inbound / outbound + message continuity $2.00 / mailbox / mo
Inbound only + message continuity $1.50 / mailbox / mo

Technical support: Direct Vendor support: 9am – 5pm business days, Emergency Support by Pager: Weekends and holidays 8 am – 9pm. SGC/BCT offers technical support at minimum charge 1/4 hour in 1/4 hour increments on this program for $75 per hour with retainer.