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DNS Security

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the new first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go - no additional hardware required! This does not replace our recommended Antivirus Product which is equally as important to have.

The Prosumer Edition (only agent based - each agent covers up to 3 devices (PC/Mac/IOS)) or the Corporate MSP Edition (can only be sold to businesses, even if for home use and is licensed per user, not per device) (which can protect at router level and agent level).

Use automated intelligence to automate protection against emergent cyber-crime threats including malware, built-in fraud and phishing protection to protect against websites that try to steal your identity and login information by pretending to be a legitimate website. Prevent breach caused by popups that are really malware or that do malicious call backs.

We recommend this additional layer of security due to the continued alarming increase of hackers targeting smaller targets (presently SMB’s are statistically 15x more likely to be breached than larger organizations), and being able to easily engineer bypasses to antivirus products or trick users into clicking on malvertizing pages or email links which allow compromises such as installing a keylogger or running ransomware. We see the results daily in the clients we support in retail and corporate, in the news, and in our personal use of computers.

In summary it works by being the “resolver” of internet names (instead of your current internet service provider or Google), thus filtering all internet requests (at zero latency) through their intelligent and artificial intelligence based filters (including in 2 Canadian based data centres). This system has been found to prevent or contain 50%-200% more infections than the best protection we have been able to offer to date – in particular for pop-ups/call back based infections such as the recent Cryptolocker type “nasty’s”. If full prevention is not possible, we are also alerted and can take manual measures to contain and minimize damages as soon as possible.

It's Like “Bullet Proof Glass” Security and Protection for your devices and/or network.

SGC Offerings


Our recommended offering includes acquiring the Prosumer Agent (and registering it) on your behalf to the email address specified, and installing it on your device(s). $40 includes the first device install.

We also recommend that either the free OpenDNS Family Shield (which is pre-configured to block adult content (non-editable)) or the free OpenDNS Home for access to over 50 pre-configured categories of filtering be installed on your router.

We offer professional setup: If we are already setting up your computer / router (i.e. Pre Delivery Service), we’ll use chosen DNS servers upon request at no extra charge. Otherwise, if it is an additional task, device, or request, our hourly rates will apply. To configure a router, we need router login credentials if not default, and may need remote access to a computer so we can configure router.


We offer the Corporate MSP Edition: either pre-paid annually (per USER), or as part of your monthly services billing (if you are under ManagedIT contract with us).

Agent install is included with any paid computer PDI’s (Pre-delivery Installs / Prep) and with all virus cleanups. Standalone installs: $20, and network configuration/automated deployments by quote.

Default Category based settings:

Blocks Adware, Dating, Drugs, Gambling, Hate/Discrimination, Lingerie/Bikini, Nudity, P2P/File Sharing, Pornography, Proxy/Anonymizer, Sexuality, Tasteless, Weapons and Web Spam.

Categories you CAN block if we are so directed are: Academic/Fraud, Adult Themes, Alcohol, Anime/manga/Webcomic, Auctions, Automotive, Blogs, Business Services, Chat, Classifieds, Ecommerce/Shopping, Educational Institutions, File Storage, Financial Institutions, Forums/Message Boards, Games, German Youth Protection, Government, Health & Fitness, Humour, Instant Messaging, Internet Watch Foundation, Jobs/Employment, Movies, Music, News/Media, Non-Profits, Parked Domains, Photo sharing, Podcasts, Politics, Portals, Radio, Religious, Research/Reference, Search Engines, Social Networking, Software Technology, Sports, Television, Tobacco, Travel, Video Sharing, Visual Search Engines, Webmail.

Default Security Settings:

Block/Prevent Malware (Malicious software including drop servers and compromised websites that can be accessed via any application, protocol or port), Block Drive-by Downloads/Exploits (Websites and files that are designed to run code without user intervention), Block Mobile Threats: Threats that are designed to infect or adversely affect mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Prompt for Suspicious Responses regarding Public DNS entries that resolve to your internal network space. These are sometimes associated with DNS rebinding attacks, which allow malicious scripts to access your internal network resources. Prompt for Dynamic DNS Sites that are hosting dynamic DNS services. This technology can be used by attackers as an evasion technique against IP blacklisting.

Block & Contain Botnets that compromised devices that attempt to communicate with hackers’ command and control servers via any application, protocol or port. Phishing fraudulent websites that aim to trick users into handing over personal or financial information.

Block High Risk Sites and Locations: Domains and hostnames that are matching against Cisco Umbrella predictive security algorithms from the Security Graph.

Interested in a Cisco Umbrella plan? Contact us for a customized quote.